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    Free Poker Money bonuses are probably the best way for a poker player to build up an online poker bankroll with absolutely no risk to their own money.

    These days there are a lot of different free money offers available to online poker players. Other than the financial benefits, these free bonuses represent a big opportunity for new players and experienced players alike.

    Online poker players can use the money available to them to play hold'em or whatever their favorite card game is, without ever needing to risk any of their own money at the tables.

    We have included an expected time frame for when a player should expect to receive the free cash as some take longer than others. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no instant free money poker promotions available.

    Latest free poker money news

    March 26, 2010

    YourPokerCash limits free bonus offers

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    YourPokerCash has limited some of their free bankroll deals. It is not possible at this time to claim either the UltimateBet Poker bankroll deal or the Absolute Poker bankroll deal.

    In a notification to their affiliates, YPC said that these two bankroll deals are undergoing a regular review by the poker rooms concerned and that it should only take a week or two. As of right now, these bonuses are listed as ‘Limit Reached’ on the YPC site.

    Fortunately, the free bankrolls at Titan Poker and Party Poker are still available.

    As far as we are aware the UB and AP bankroll deals are still available from PokerSource (more…)

PokerSource Bankrolls

PokerSource is a fantastic source of free poker bonuses. They usually have about eight different free money offers available at any one time.

As well as the more popular poker rooms for this kind of bonus, such as UltimateBet and Absolute Poker, PokerSource also currently has free bonuses available at RedKings Poker, Bodog Poker and Winner Poker.

Members can claim one free bankroll every six months.

The procedure for claiming is straight-forward, and there is no quiz to take, so qualifying players usually receive their free cash within two days, excluding weekends.

Free Money at Titan Poker

Titan Poker is now one of the most popular online poker rooms for free money bonuses.

Many different sites will offer you a free bankroll there.

One of the fastest that we have found is the bonus from PokerNetOnline. The Titan Poker bankroll is the only free bonus that they are currently offering. While they do take weekends off, the application process is fairly quick and uncomplicated, and most of their bankrolls are awarded within two days.


Are Free Bonuses a Scam?

One of the most frequently asked questions about free poker bonuses is "are they a scam?".

People are quite rightly suspicious of anything that they are told is "free".

After all, why would any one want to give you money for free, right?

In the case of the free money bonuses that we have listed here on this site they are all genuine 'free money' offers.

The money that you get is yours to play poker with at the selected poker room.

It is not yours to withdraw and walk away with without having played any poker.

This is free 'poker' money - so it is intended for poker players to use to play poker with.

And of course there will be terms and conditions attached.

These sites are giving you real money to play with, so they will have terms in place to protect themselves from fraud. Because they are more at risk from fraud with these offers than the player could ever be. The site stands to lose a lot of money if they are not careful when handing it out.

So they put some terms and conditions on these offers.

All the offers that we have ever come across include the condition that you must not already have an account at the poker room where they are offer the bonus.

This is a business model that involves bringing new players to the poker rooms. Giving money to players that already have an account at the poker room would not be of any use then, would it?

Also, some countries seem to have more fraudulent players than others, so a lot of the time players from these countries will be excluded from the promotions.

As an example of the type of fraud that players try with these offers, imagine that a player gets a free bonus and then proceeds to lose it very quickly at the tables.

Many times this player will apply for another bonus using a different name, maybe a family members name or a friends name.

As you can imagine the poker sites that have these bonuses also have ways to check if the players are genuine, so usually doing this is a waste of time.

After all, if you could do this what would stop you from doing it one hundred times? That way you could accumulate thousands of dollars of free money.

Will I have to pay back the money if I lose?

Another frequently asked question is 'what happens if I lose the free cash?'. Some players think that if they lose the money they will have to pay it back. Generally this is not the case. We have never found a bonus deal where you were expected to repay the free money if you lost it.

The poker sites know that many players will lose the bonus very quickly.

They don't like it and they do their best to help you to make the most of the free money, but if it happens that you lose it all then, don't worry, they will not be looking for the money back from you.

Why was I refused?

Many many times a player will apply for a free bankroll and be refused. If this is their first one some of these players will be convinced that it is all a scam and there is no way any one is giving out free poker cash.

Players that this happens two fall into two general categories.

The first category is fraudulent players. They know that they are trying to cheat but think that if they shout loud enough and kick up a fuss they will get the money in the end.

Well, I can tell you now that if you are not entitled to the free bonus for whatever reason then you will not get it no matter how much of a fuss you make.

The second category of players that get refused are genuine players that have done everything correctly, and have checked the terms and conditions and know that they are entitled to the bonus money.

So why were these genuine players refused?

There can be many different reasons why a genuine player that is entitled to a particular bonus gets refused.

Many times that player will have an existing account at the poker room that they have not used in a while and simply forgot that they had it.

I know that has happened to me.

Another relatively common problem is that the player that finds the free bonus site has already visited the site of the poker room, and so when they download the poker software they are not properly tracked to the poker site that is giving out the bonus.

If a player is not tracked properly to the poker site then they will not give the free cash. That is how their business model works, and there is absolutely no way they will give cash to a player that is not tracked to them.

Read the instructions!

In order to avoid this happening to you be sure to read the terms and conditions fully, and then to read the instructions provided by the poker site for claiming the cash. Then read the instructions again and be sure that you understand them fully.

Taking your time at the application stage of the process will help you avoid any problems later on.


YourPokerCash is another good source of freebie poker bonuses.

Right now they have 5 different offers available to their members. Their Cake Poker bankroll is the only one that is exclusive to their site.

The one drawback to the YourPokerCash site is that it can take quite a while for your bankroll to be processed, sometimes it can take well over a week including weekends.

You should of course signup with YourPokerCash and claim all the free bankrolls that you are entitled to, but don't wait patiently by your pc for the money.

Instead, after you have applied for one of the YourPokerCash bankrolls you should sign up for one of the faster free money bonuses, such as the PokerTime one, which can be given out very quickly during the week.

PokerStrategy Bankrolls

Free Poker Money from PokerStrategy

The free poker money bonus from PokerStrategy is different from the other bankroll offers in two important ways.

Firstly, all members are required to take and pass a poker strategy quiz before they will be eligible for the free money.

The quiz is not difficult and all the material that you need in order to pass is available directly on the site.

The second notable difference is that while there is a choice of poker rooms for players to get the money at, all members are entitled to only one free bankroll.

So, after passing the strategy quiz, players can choose ONE room from a selection of online poker rooms and receive a free $50 bankroll in that room only.

Free Poker Money Sites

These days there are many sits offering free poker bonuses to online poker players, and there are also many poker sites that find all these offers and conveniently list them all in one place

That is what we are trying to do here at!

But we must give credit to those other sites that have inspired us to do this.

Sites like that has had a section totally dedicated to no deposit poker bonuses - here - for years now, and other long established sites such as the free poker money blog at which has been reporting all the news about this type of bonus since 2007.

There are newer sites, such as, or the even more new too that are dedicated entirely to no deposit bonuses and free poker cash bonuses.

All of these sites are worth checking out from time to time. Although they all mainly cover the same bonuses, it pays to check them all in case you miss out on any free poker money.

The Free Poker Money Business Model

You do not need to know this in order to claim free bonuses, but if you would like to know how all this is possible then read on.

Poker rooms, such as UltimateBet or Absolute Poker, make their profit from the 'rake' that is taken from every 'pot'. Rake is just an industry work that simply means 'fee'. So the rake is the fee charged by the poker room for using their software.

It is the same in real world poker. Casinos provide a dealer, a table, chairs, cards and so on. Players sit down and play poker, winning the other players money or losing their own money to the other players.

Every time a 'hand' or game of poker is played some players will put money into the 'pot'. Usually one player will win this 'pot' outright, although sometimes two players will share the winnings, depending on the cards.

So the winner gets the pot, and the casino take a small percentage called rake to pay their bills and make a profit.

Online poker rooms are the same. Every pot has a small percentage taken for the poker room to make a profit. So the more a poker player plays at the tables, the more rake a poker room will get from them.

Some poker portals, that is poker affiliate sites, have arrangements with various poker rooms where they will send new players AND give that player a starting bankroll of twenty five or fifty dollars, and in turn the poker room will pay that affiliate for bringing that player.

When this system works out, everybody will be happy.

The poker room is happy because they have a new player that is palying at thier tables and generating rake, the affiliate poker site is happy because they got paid from the poker room, and the player is very happy because they got free money to do what they like to do - that is play poker.

Not all poker sites that try this are able to make it work.

For one thing, they need to know what they are doing in order to prevent fraudulent players. No poker room is going to pay them for sending players that already have an account at their poker room.

Also, giving multiple bankrolls to the same player who is just using diferent names will not be of any benefit to them either.

And of course if they have too many players that lose all the free money before generating any rake then the business model will not work wither.

But for those sites that can make it work it can be a very good business.

PokerSource has grown into a very large business employing a lot of people by simply giving out free cash to their members. So too has PokerStrategy.

Free Money directly from the Poker Room

Another way that this model works is that the poker room itself gives out the free bonus to all their new players.

While not as common as those offers that involve a third party, this is a legitimate business practice too.

Usually the money that you can get for free directly from a poker room will be less than the bonuses available elsewhere.

The reason for this is that the poker room wants to get a large number of new players on to their site, then they hope that the player will like the site so much that they will choose to stay there and continue to play there.

It is like a 'free sample' or a 'taster'. Try before you buy kind of thing.

This can be a good model too, although what usually happens is that the poker room will only make this type of promotion available for a limited amount of time. So they boost their numbers very quickly then stop the promotion again.

Either way, the end result is the same for the player - a new poker room account with free money in it!